Teaching the ART and SCIENCE of enjoying nature

Whitney Arch, Alabama Hills, Lone Pine CA. Photo by Bruce Vincent


The SCIENCE is always there in front of you, the ART is how one sees it!


More than just a bird walk!

Learn the ecology of Southern California through bird walks with an expert Interpretive Naturalist. Learn about the plants and habitats that make up the California Biotic Province.

“I specialize in teaching beginner bird watchers. With over 35 years of birding I enjoy sharing with people the wonders of bird watching and nature. I look forward to enhancing your enjoyment of nature through a deeper understanding of our natural world.”~ Bruce

Note:  Up to five binoculars can be provided.

Don’t bird watch? You can book an incredible nature tour!

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“I hope you also find my blog page, Notes of a Naturalist, enjoyable and educational!”~ Bruce